Duck Flower Purge

The Duck flower is a Caribbean medicinal herb plant botanically referred to as Aristolochia Grandiflora (Flor de Pato). It is an organic wild-crafted alkaline herb that contains health benefits directed mainly to the gastro intestinal tract.

Duck flower contains several phytochemicals that give its medicinal value. Including phenols, alkaloids, flavonoids and terpenoids. The flower is incredibly rich in Iron. It is an edible flower that contains aristolochic acid and many alkaloids. This aristolochic acid functions as a chemical defense making it a very effective and quick detoxifier.

The Duck flower purge cleanses the physical body from parasites and energy body allowing to remove blockages restoring chakra alignment.

Communication with the Mother Divine

The Duck Flower has a female / mother energy that accompanies participants during their cleansing. The Aristolochia Grandiflora has similar purgative characteristics as her sister Aristolochia Dydidma (Yawarpanga). They both are used for participants to begin to understand what is to connect with the energy of the plant or to begin to understand the connection and communication that can be established using master plants.

Yawarpanga was traditionally required in the Amazons for the purification and preparation that participants needed to undergo before the contact with Ayahuasca. The purge was the pilgrimage needed to prepare the body, mind and soul to receive the insights/healing from Ayahuasca.

The Energy & Physical Body

The energy body can have parasitic infestations that manifest in the intestinal tract as actual parasites. The energy body gest infested with toxic energies through the emotional drama of human life and the contact established with others like with the act of sex. Similar, the physical body ingests toxin substances, and these toxins are lipid-soluble that are very harmful to our central nervous system. It is often difficult for our body to excrete lipid-soluble molecules and almost impossible to free itself from the parasitic infestations if not through a process of purging. The process of purging converts the lipid-soluble toxins into water-soluble toxins and allows the parasitic infestations to loose grip from the host. We release the toxins and infestations from our bodies either through sweating, feces, diarrhea, vomiting or dry heaves.

Ingesting the Duck Flower helps the body to expel excess mucus, toxins, internal parasites and waste products. The Duck flower scrapes the surface of the biofilm in the intestinal tract and transforms it into foam. This foam is then expelled through the act of vomiting or defecation.

It is important to note that many parasites live between the biofilm and the intestinal wall. The duck flower will not be able to remove those parasites and is only possible through the Anti-Parasite Protocol with CDS. Nevertheless, is recommended to do the Duck Flower purge during the initial phase of the full moon taking advantage that parasites come out the surface to mate during that period to be able to eliminate as many as possible.

How is the Duck Flower Purge?

The duck flower purge involves ingesting the blended duck flower with a cup of water or orange juice. The purge has two phases:

The first phase lasts about 2 – 3 hours were participants are drinking a cup of water or coconut water every 20 minutes to initiate the purge. Usually during this phase most of the physical purge happens and the contact with the plant begins to take place.

The second phase is mostly dry heaves where there is no more intake of liquids, only required if intense cramps begin to occur.   The second phase is the release of energy infestations through sweating, dry hives and realizations that may come that is freeing the energy body from the bond of the infestations. During this phase participants may realize how they established the relationship and how they are connecting with certain energies that can bring disharmony or disease. This phase can last anywhere from 2 – 5 hours and can expand to the dream world while sleeping.

Usually participants go to sleep at the end of the purge. The purge can bring many dreams that are important to understand what took place and is recommend to write the dream next day to be able to analyze it.

Uses and Benefits

Improves Sleep
Increases Vitality
Boosts Mental Clarity
Stimulates Weight Loss
Regulates Blood Pressure
Induces/Regulates Menstruation


Counter Indications

Participants with heart conditions should be weary of doing the purge. Pregnant women can’t consume duck flower or children under the age of 16 years old. The duck flower can induce labor/miscarriage/abortion and the purge is extremely physically demanding. Children might get scared of the effects of the purge and be counterproductive.

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