The Paradigm Shift in Modern Medicine

The current health paradigm is a conception that provides an explanation to the processes of health and disease. Paradigms, which are culturally conditioned, establish what is normal as knowledge as long as they are consistent with the current paradigm. The education of new generations is sustained on the same paradigm and the society is organized with its principles. This grants the current model of health, the dominant validity of almost absolute acceptance in the community or society, as well as in its practitioners. This does not mean that the paradigm is correct, it only means that it is what is widely believed to be true, therefore, we believe that it is the absolute truth. Any concept, idea or technology that intervenes, intercepts or contradicts the current paradigm, is ridiculed, attacked and considered false or a conspiracy.

Something we can learn from history is that we have been changing ways of seeing things as the development of new technologies or discoveries emerge, and not always towards a better or higher perspective. We have taken great steps backwards in some industries, such as the food industry with the genetic modification of seeds. In others, we have remained stagnant, as is with the energy industry with the predominant use of fossil fuels and just in very few, we have advance. For example, the invention of smartphones in the communication industry, even though they are invasive to the body due to their electromagnetic influence, we must recognize that they have managed to establish a broader and versatile communication beyond anything we would hope was possible.

Modern medicine is mainly focused on treating diseases by alleviating symptoms and is not wanting to understand how to really heal them or to “solve” their root cause. Their main purpose is to produce and sell highly expensive treatments to alleviate the consequences from diseases. This focus, makes out of people and their chronic diseases, a financial commodity. One of the main problems of modern medicine is the dependency on disease to survive and therefore, it is not interested in real healing. Without sick people, there is no business; and like any good capitalist industry, it must be growing and expanding, so the only way it finds to do so sustainably is by diagnosing incurable diseases that create lifelong dependents or customers. The healthcare industry is quite similar to the security industry. The security industry depends on crime to survive. It protects their clients from crime, but without crime, they would not be necessary. Both industries depend on the same thing that are promising to solve and therefore, they are not ever seeking to eradicate the root of the problem.

It is evident if one could survey medical students, and ask what made them choose to pursue a medical degree? And if they responded with the truth as it is, the real answer would be: money and recognition or prestige. Very few practitioners followed this vocation because they had a longing in their hearts to serve others, much less to ensure the health or protection of humanity. The approach of modern medicine based mainly on the relief of symptoms and providing quick solutions, has created a butcher’s shop, where the solutions they propose are usually quite invasive and, consequently, with very high economic costs. This model offers solutions only to those who have the necessary resources and leaving the rest to the drift of their own luck. The before mentioned has created a world where disease is desired by doctors and, therefore, we consider it quite normal and as an intrinsic part of life of every human being in our current time.

The health´s industry main focus towards economic interests generates a chain of events that leads patients to additional illnesses and unnecessary trauma, we can see a clear example of this in childbirth. Birth could be one of the only acts where we are really witnessing a miracle. We may not see it that way anymore because so many babies are born all the time, but if someone has been in labor, they may have felt the slightest moment of something sacred happening, where the hand of God is present and the universe manifests the power of life. This sacred act represents the entrance of a human being into this world and should be respected, as much as we respect being in a temple, church or in front of a priestly figure.

Currently, hospitals are more concerned with getting the baby out as quickly as possible, than giving the necessary time so that both, the mother and the baby manage to release, let go and trust life. In the space of childbirth, the initial programming is being determined and is the one that the baby will be embedded with to begin the adventure in this world; not respecting that takes place in due time and naturally, creates emotional problems that can cause a large number of psychological conditions that lead, both, the baby and the mother, to disharmonies that are totally unnecessary further in their lives. Doctors use coercion mechanisms for mothers to undergo processes such as caesarian section, making them sign releases of responsibility in case either or both die if they do not follow the doctor’s recommendations. Being birth, one of the most natural acts that we can observe in the other species on the planet, it would be logical to think that it should also be quite natural for the human being. Only the human species needs a hospital, a team of professionals, medicines, anesthetics, surgical intervention and sterilized cold metallic utensils to speed up, cut and force the process, so that it can be carried out in a “safe” manner. Many times, if not almost all, these processes create trauma in both the mother and the baby, leaving sequels in the unconscious that affect the physical and emotional development of both. This is currently perceived as necessary in the western world, clearly because parents are afraid that their baby or mother will die on the spot and this, medical practitioners and hospitals take advantage of to coerce them to invasive and traumatic processes, which appear to be necessary at the moment, but truthfully, the vast majority really are not. What obviously seems necessary for the hospital is to add another procedure, which represents an economic interest and not an interest in health or human life. Where is the respect for the sacredness of the act? Where is the love for the other? Where is the love for human life?

Another example is the famous cancer, which in 2017 was the second leading cause of death in the world. Cancer was just below cardiovascular diseases caused by obesity and smoking, which both also cause a large number of cancers around the world. Here we can see the total evidence of the lack of humanity that occurs with patients who are diagnosed with this condition. All the procedures that are currently endorsed by health organizations and most medical practitioners are deeply invasive and highly toxic to the human organism.

These therapies have less than 5% success rate and they definitely are doing more harm than good. ¿How can we call this progress in modern medicine? ¿ How is it that we have managed to be so blind and determine as an advancement to inject people with radioactive toxins? Isn’t just another way of saying: “We do not know how to solve this problem, so we rather kill everything inside the organism with toxic poison. If the patient survives, then the therapy works and if not, the cancer that did it”. How many people die from the consequences of these treatments? It will be understood over time, what caused more deaths? The cancer itself or the procedures that were used to treat it. We can justify them by saying the person could had died before and got an extension of life with all these toxic procedures. It may be a valid point for those who do not want their loved one to die, but it is not for the one who had to live through all that suffering and mutilation. Likewise, for the most part, it is only sought to give an “improvement” in living conditions while the patient dies slowly and his relatives or loved ones prolong their suffering and generate debts that often lead to financial bankruptcy. On the other hand, the success rate of these therapies is extremely low. If we investigate and look deeply in to the work of Dr. Ulrich Abel, he conducted the largest study Comprehensive on chemotherapy drugs and their effectiveness. His conclusion:

“There is no scientific evidence available in any existing study showing that chemotherapy can appreciably extend the lives of patients suffering from the most common organic cancers.”

In terms, patients can sometimes live longer, however, in what state of health and with how much dignity they die Is what we need to consider. In the US, the success rate is 2.3% for all cancers, is this what we call breakthrough? When we are going to stop fooling ourselves and realize that the procedures that are being used are not adequate and must be totally dismantled. We must start again, try another totally different approach if we really want to solve these issues and make true progress in this area. I am not going to expand on the subject of cancer, because books are needed to cover these subject. Though I assure you, if people simply lived this condition taking it to the silence of their soul, without fear, reconnecting with their own essence and trusting in life, they could have way higher possibilities to solve the disharmony in their bodies by comprehending the root cause. Not only many unnecessary deaths would be avoided, but also the deaths that needed to happen, would be lived with grace, with much less suffering for all parties involved and having taken advantage of the opportunity of death.

Death comes to us all. This is a fact whether we like it or not, it is the only thing we have guaranteed in this lifetime. Lucky are those who know when that will be. Why so much fear of a natural process of life? Why are we clinging to the fact that people have to live an average of 100 years to declare that they have already lived their lives? Isn’t that just another paradigm? There are records of ancient civilizations where people lived many centuries, up to tens of centuries and in our current time, we can find people who have exceeded 150 years. Rather than holding on to the fact that we should only live 100 years, we should understand how ancient civilizations could live many centuries. I assure you that the answer will not be through organ replacement after being destroyed by toxins or poor nutrition. Why has health declined over time? The average life span today, is about 50 years. Is this evolution? My intention is no that we live forever either. Truthfully it would be very boring. My intention is to bring back well-being and health to this experience of life. May our departure from this plane of existence be with grace, gratitude and love. The problem of not comprehending death, understanding its purpose and opportunity, leads us to not understand life. We see death as an end and we need to begin to consider it as a opportunity for our spiritual growth. I do not say this because I have read it in books, I declare this because I know it. I remember past lives and furthermore, have physically died in this lifetime and have seen that it is not the end. If anything, we awake a bit more of the dream we are living.

The entire system has taken advantage over our lives due to the lack of knowledge that we have about the death process and has controlled humanity through the fear we have towards it. A specific example is the Covid-19 virus, the “invisible enemy” that Is present in the minds of most humanity almost 24 hours a day. A fear which in any moment, can come to take our lives since there is no cure. Again, we are manipulated through fear, subjected to another traumatic process through the power abuse from government authorities, leading us to isolation, forceful social distancing, obligatory masks (deprivation of oxygen), deprivation of food, work, education and in general, a gigantic trauma from which there will be a lot of post-traumatic stress and anxiety that will be very hard to recover on a psychological and socio-economic level. What is causing more deaths? The virus or the procedure they are using to solve it? Only time will tell and only if we have the courage, the desire to assume our responsibility, will we be able to admit and correct it to not be subjected again to intimidation and control mechanisms.

We must appeal to our humanity and return to our roots if we really want to live in a healthy world. We need to stop being distracted by our current conditioning and become aware of what this opportunity of human experience means. In other words, we must understand the function of a Human Being and try to become a real one.

We are like a larva, trying to guide, define and give purpose to the experience of a butterfly. We have the opportunity to become a butterfly if we only appeal to our humbleness, so that we can learn, understand, heal and go through the transformation process or metamorphosis that can lake us to reach our real humanity.

What is to be a Human being?

The concept human being derives from the union of the Latin terms esse and humanus. The first means to exist or to be and the second means man or earth. Leaving the genders aside, we can say in a very simplistic way, that a human being is a being that exists on earth. The words Being and Existing are key in all this, since we have not paid attention to what they really mean. To be, we need consciousness, and to exist, we need to apply that consciousness. So we can also say that if we are not applying consciousness, we are not existing. And if we are not conscious, we cannot be.

First we need to be aware or conscious, in order to be and, therefore, exist.

To be or not to be, that is the question. – William Shakespeare

What is to be? We can think that being conscious is waking up in the morning and be able to breathe, which we are going to call “the alert state” and within that state, we carry out the activities of our day. In other words, the state of alert is considered consensually as the collective “reality” in which we are living. On the other hand, we consider people who are unconscious, to be asleep or in the dream state, passed out or in a coma or vegetative state. I am not going to expand in the different states of consciousness or what reality is, because we would have to enter in metaphysical, quantum and multidimensional concepts that will be for another time. We are going to focus only on what a truly conscious being is.

According to Vedic philosophy, being conscious refers to the measure of understanding from the heart, what we really are in our spiritual essence. There is a new era phrase, which says: “We are a spiritual being having a human experience and not a human being having a spiritual experience.” As long as the being identifies itself mostly with its body, it is considered asleep or unconscious, for the reason that it is dominated by its basic emotions, desires and basic instincts. This unconscious state makes this type of people deeply afraid of death since they believe that they are the body / mind and when their life comes to an end, they will cease to be and exist. As the being remembers its spiritual essence, begins to be become aware, until it becomes a conscious being after remembering its transcendental position as an eternal being. This type of being has a mastery of their basic instincts and manages to go beyond the illusion of death by remembering its eternity. This kind of being is considered enlightened, awake or conscious.

It also mentions that a human being is a being of service by its transcendental nature. To the extent that our service influences the lives of others for growth and expansion, it directly influences the development of our being and purpose in life. Additionally, describes how the opportunity of human experience is to reach the energy of God and how this energy is only Love and Compassion. Humanity translates or means compassion. As human beings, we should be seeking to reach the state of compassion to declare that we are fulfilling our role as a conscious being, as a human being or being of compassion in this planet.

Through understanding from a different perspective what a human being is in its basic function, we can conclude that we are far from becoming truly one. Perhaps there are just a few beings on earth today who are truly human. If we think of a being in the state of compassion, possibly to the majority comes to mind the Dalai Lama or some Guru from India or some priestess figure or Jesus of Nazareth. In all forms, they are figures that we admire and usually they have reached a certain energy or understanding through embarking into a devotional path or serious spiritual development. Perhaps their only reason as good teachers, is to share what we are capable of, showing us the way to our spiritual development and how to assume our role in this human experience.

The Vedic philosophy also describes 3 types of beings according to their level of attachment to matter and state of consciousness: it mentions the Brahman who is in the modality of goodness, the Kshatriya who is in the modality of passion and the Sudra, who is in the modality of ignorance. The Sudras are the ones who maintain the commercial growth and provisions of the community, they are mostly identified with matter or the body / mind and, therefore, they are considered to be asleep or in a state of unconsciousness or ignorance. The Sudras are predominantly dominated by their false ego, fear of death, carnal desires, and their need for survival. Kshatriyas are warriors who defend the truth, usually following the calling of their soul and fighting for the truth they feel in their hearts. These warriors are within the modality of passion and they use this energy to defend, fight and create. These are considered to be aware of their spiritual essence through the call that they feel in their hearts and are fighting for something greater than themselves to protect the truth in the community. The Brahmans are teachers or leaders who are guiding others towards the development and evolution of humanity. They are considered to be within the modality of goodness and they use this energy to reach true knowledge, compassion or the energy of God to bring light to the community.

I wanted to explain the above, not only to have concepts to understand the different states that we are in as a collective species, but because it seems incredible that a text that was written more than 15,000 years B.C. accurately describes the era in which we are living now. According to the Vedic texts, we are living in an era, where deception and falsehood predominates. The sacred texts describe this era as a time of darkness, which is being led by ignorance or by the Sudras, guided by trade and capitalism. This is the reason why most organizations and institutions purpose in the western world is to make money. It comes secondary what function provides or what role plays in society, it only matters that it produces money at the end. The leaders of our governments and organizations that create the pillars of our so-called civilization are mainly businessmen or people who are looking after their own economic interests, not those of the community, much less those of humanity.

Wouldn’t it be much wiser if the leaders of our governments and organizations such as health or education were people like the Brahmans or at least the Kshatriyas? We have thousands of requirements for people to adopt an orphan child and be a parent. But we let anyone with good talking skills, resources and strategic marketing direct an entire nation or health organizations that dictate what will be given to the entire world population, not only physically as it happens with vaccines, but intellectually as happens with education and social conditioning.

We are creating a vicious cycle where we position a great deal of power in unconscious people in and where this power will obviously be misused for their personal agenda, further corrupting the self. While they prevail in power, they create more of the same by their guidance and influence.

Albert Einstein said that there is no way to solve a problem from the same state of consciousness that was created. It is necessary to raise consciousness, in order to solve the problems that we are facing as humanity.

It is vital that conscious beings or real human beings can reform the constitutions of nations so that they are truly based on the development and evolution of humanity, for the purpose of the common good and not just for a few. Where the foundation of nations has as their main objective the preservation of truth, the transmission of true knowledge and the spiritual development of human potential. If we are not ready for a spiritual leader to guide our nations and organizations that dictate the future of humanity, at least that they can systematically influence the people who are leading them, making sure that these people have a level of consciousness that allows them to see beyond their own needs and be devotionally serving a cause greater than their personal interests and agenda. For this, we need to separate spirituality from religion, a spiritual leader is not a religious one.

Furthermore, it is the responsibility of each one of us as human beings, to try to achieve our true function as conscious beings on this planet and to take responsibility of the consequences that we have created during all this time serving to ignorance. We must find the light that each carries within and let it be the one that illuminates our path and governs our own actions. If we let our own light rule our lives, in time, we will not need governments to rule us. If we allowed ourselves to find our own light, we would also find common sense, a sense that could erase borders and destroy the differences we have between nations. It would become the universal language, which would not be based on words. It would be a knowledge that would predominate in the heart of every conscious being, of every human being, of every being in compassion.

Oath of Physicians

The Hippocratic oath owes its name to the physician Hippocrates de Cos, who developed the art of medicine in ancient Greece between 460 and 370 B.C. The oath appears in the corpus hippocraticum, the main medical treatise of antiquity, attributed to Hippocrates himself and his disciples. Hippocrates is considered the father of medicine and its fair to imply that medical students should be influenced by his teachings and moral ethics.

We must point out some famous phrases of the father of medicine to understand his perspective on health and how valid they currently are in the education of doctors these days:

This basic principle has been completely ignored by modern medicine, students, if much, receive a couple of days on nutrition throughout the course of their entire medical training. The lack of importance on these subject creates a chain effect towards all the organizations that should be looking after the nutritional quality of our food, promoting and ensuring that it is of organic origin. Nowadays it is more important that vegetables and fruits look “pretty and colorful” through genetic manipulation, than their worth in nutritional value. What is the use of eating “natural”, if everything is full of GMOs, pesticides, fertilizers, hormones, etc.? The western world has turned food, the most common and consistent source of energy for our bodies to repair, restore, clean, protect and self-heal itself into a tool against the organism, bringing unbalance, disharmony, illness and disease. Food can be a medicine to heal or to create disease. This is true with all medicines. The fact that most of foods are not organic, is completely absurd. This is somehow accepted through our shallow ideas of ​​aesthetics as customers and through purpose of higher profits or economic remuneration as producers. We have accepted this and we are paying the price.

“The natural force within each of us is the greatest healer of all.” The body has the ability to heal itself if we provide it with the right conditions. These conditions are achieved through an organic and alkaline type of diet, low levels of stress and physical activity. If only these were part of the pillars of modern medicine, we would be focused mainly on strengthening our immune system and we would be paying attention on the root cause of diseases. Health organizations would be mainly promoting preventive therapies and the education system would make emphasis on the importance of a nourishing nutritious diet from early ages in school, not to mention, in medical colleges or universities.

“Walking is a man’s best medicine.”  Resembles the importance on physical activity, which is necessary for the recycle of energy in the body to have an optimal metabolism. Sedentary lifestyle is the worst enemy of health causing more than 50% of all diseases. Modern medicine, nor organizations that conforms them, promote physical exercise whatsoever; In fact, they recommend staying home at times of health crisis.

We must turn to nature itself, to the body’s observations of health and disease, to learn the truth.”   We can understand the perfection that governs life and the truth that flows within each one by returning to our origin, establishing a connection with earth and to the elements that make up our body and all living organisms in this planet. Modern medicine is usually against everything that is natural, discredits nature as the source of healing and tries to ignore that the few real medicines they use, have come from some plant, fungi or natural origin before being patented under an eccentric name which they boast after of having invented themselves. They usually don’t invent anything; they merely isolate certain molecules or natural components which already exist in nature.

“Illnesses do not come upon us out of the blue. They are developed from small daily sins against Nature. When enough sins have accumulated, illnesses will suddenly appear.”   Diseases are not coincidences of life or bad luck, they are caused by energetic imbalances, disharmonies or incoherencies and inconsistencies that we are living with ourselves and nature. The sin that Hippocrates refers to is not of religious morality, but refers to the things or habits that harms us energetically and physically as individuals, as human beings. Modern medicine does not observe the cause of disease. For them, disease happens as something common that is in the environment or out of fashion depending on the trend we are living.

“If someone wishes for good health, one must first ask oneself if he is ready to do away with the reasons for his illness. Only then is it possible to help him.”   We can see clearly the causality to which Hippocrates is inferring. Any illness can lead us to a process of transformation if we can make the necessary changes or adjustments that will bring us back to health. It hints that the power of healing comes from the self. There may be a great medicine, but if the person does not want to give up old habits, it cannot be helped and self-healing is not possible. Every disease is forcing us to change a certain unbalance and only if we listen and make it happen, healing is inevitable. Modern medicine promises to have the capacity to heal others, usually creating an incentive to patients to be able to return to normality or to the same way of life. This approach not only makes us lose the opportunity that disease brings for growth, but also advocates practitioners as saviors, taking power away from people. We can see this clearly with the search for the vaccine for Covid-19. We are made to believe that when we are all vaccinated, everything will return back as it was before.

“There is no point in curing yourself if you maintain the habits that returns you to illness.”  This refers to the fool or stubborn who continues to do the same and expects different results. It also refers to the fact that true healing only comes from understanding its lying cause, otherwise only symptoms can be alleviated and not the root of the problem. Modern medicine does not promote change and protects the status quo with all they can. When in reality, they should be the leading force demanding constant changes in the food industry, education system, in people’s habits and lifestyles if they were really seeking health in people. Doctors could use their authority in a positive way to actually influence not only their patients, but also people in power to straighten this fundamental issues that are creating so much misery, disease and death in the world.

“The best medicine of all is teaching people how not to need it.”  Originally, medicine was focused on disease prevention by all means possible. Health was a given right that everyone had, processes that would strengthened the organism were mostly valued and not those who promised to repair it. Modern medicine has positioned itself as our only savior and we have given it the power to dictate the death of a human being with its simple diagnosis. Even when a person has nothing, a false diagnose can cause death. This is happening on a large scale with the current pandemic.

“If you are not your own doctor, you are a fool.”   Knowing our bodies provides us with the best guide to know what our body requires for healing. Modern medicine has control over our health through the idea that it knows more about what is happening inside our bodies than ourselves. I do not suggest that we do not consult with health professionals when something is wrong or we are feeling sick, but the decisions of what we do with our bodies, must be ours and not of the doctor or health organizations. Let’s not be fools and let’s take responsibility for our health.

The doctor treats, but nature heals.”   A doctor is someone who can assist a person in their healing, but it is the body itself or nature that does the job. Modern medicine has disconnected us from nature by promoting fascist ideas in which they declare their therapies as the only source of healing and discredit the self-healing capacity of the human organism. Actually has perpetuated a certain idea that the body comes flawed, missing something or just badly wired and even sometimes, with extra things that it does not need. Of course offering a solution to all these thing with surgery or a lifetime of pill popping. The human body is the greatest machinery in the planet and we are far from understanding and comprehending its capabilities. One thing for sure is that when the energy flows freely, without obstruction, within the human organism, it manages to prevent, repair and heal any pathology that may cause disease. Modern Medicine only looks at the physical structure and mechanism of the body. They have no awareness and have no consideration of the subtle or energy body that has a direct influence in the physical one. The subtle and energy body has wounds and blockages that bring into the physical one, manifestations through disease or disharmonies so we can address them from within. The physical diseases that come to our lives are related directly to emotional wounds or blockages we have in our subtle body and is through addressing them that we can reach the root cause.

“The wise man should consider health to be the greatest human blessing.”   These type of men have been declining over centuries, getting blind by the economic and political ambitions of the western world. Modern medicine, as previously mentioned, is not seeking health and their dependence on disease has uprooted them from being allies of the well-being of humanity. Health is in our hands and we can pay attention to the habits and way of life that we have, to seek a balanced and harmonious relationship with ourselves and our surrounding. Health is the greatest blessing, mainly because if we are healthy, we are at peace with ourselves and with each other. We all want peace and for that, we need health first.

“The function of protecting and developing health must be even greater than that of restoring it when it is impaired.”   Modern medicine seems to have no interest in protecting health or preventing disease. Not only constantly attacks all holistic therapies that are usually based on disease prevention, but also focuses primarily on alleviating the symptoms only. Modern medicine does not see the root cause of disease, but only the consequences of it, perpetuating a cycle of incurable diagnosis that creates clients for life. We can see this last statement clearly in many “incurable” diseases, but it is clearer than ever with the current pandemic. The world health organization implemented protocols in hospitals all over the world to serve people who were presenting advanced symptoms of the disease. They did not bother in the least, to promote therapies that allow the body to protect itself or offer medicines that help to develop anti bodies that could offer an opportunity, to have a greater adaptability defending itself against the virus.

The given protocols worldwide are an antithesis of a genuine health protocol that should be followed in case of a pandemic. It’s completely backwards and is evident to anyone that sees.

“The doctor must have at its disposal a certain ingenuity, since the disease is repulsive for both the healthy and the sick.”   We have to take our own initiatives when new diseases or circumstances arise, not everything is in the manual. Modern medicine relies on the old ways of what is known and tries only to implement what is accepted by the current paradigm. This greatly limits our capacity as a community for being able to face new diseases or pandemics that evolve over time. This approach makes health practitioners vulnerable by not being able to find solutions for their patients and even in themselves, which is incredibly evident in the crisis we are now living. At what cost a doctor will defend an established paradigm? Are they prepared to pay the ultimate cost of their own life and their loved ones for it?

“It is better not to apply any treatment in cases of hidden cancer; because if treated (by surgery), patients die quickly; but if they are not treated, they remain for a long time.”   This definitely has not been respected in the western world at all, seems they understood quite the opposite. Health practitioners and hospitals coerce cancer patients to all kinds of toxic treatments and invasive operations. The established protocol usually leads patients and close relatives, to a long and slow suffered death process, full of pain, with physical, psychological and emotional damage, that usually is complemented with huge economic consequences for the patient and family.

” Doctors are many in the title, but very few actually. Those who really have a vocation are a small percentage of the total.”   A doctor is not someone who has a title on a wall, endorsed by a university. A doctor is not a degree, is a person who has devotion to science, health and service to others. A doctor is someone who does everything that is possible to save a life regardless of the cost or defamation that may cause by not following the established regulations if an opportunity of making a positive difference in someone else´s health arises. Above all, the doctor values the health of the patient beyond anything else and knows that each patient is unique and that there is no single formula for everyone. A doctor implements new discoveries, helps to innovate healing techniques and transform technologies that are obsolete. A doctor is an authority that common people listen to and follow, becoming an example for the community. Few are the ones that take their role seriously enough to give an extraordinary example in life. A doctor is not made, is a person that is borne with a humanitarian inclination towards service and besides studying a certain area related to health, has dedicated a significant amount of his life studying astrology, biology, psychology and as many sciences as possible that can serve to understand the many different types of energies, archetypes and personalities of the human species.

The desire to become useful to the human species is the primary characteristic that every medical student must possess. During this pandemic, we have been able to observe doctors and politicians who have come out to expose their opinions about the virus in public, creating polemic and controversy. These people have not been afraid to confront the system and are giving a whiff of hope to the rest of us. At the risk of having their license or career revoked by government and health organizations, they continue defending what they feel in their hearts to be true. I thank them with all my heart. Their courage and bravery to defend the little integrity that we have as humanity is commendable. Seeing these people come out and expose what is currently happening according to their own perspective, a spark awakens within my heart and an air of hope returns.

The Hippocratic oath has changed over the years, adjusting to current times and in a way, to the agenda of health organizations. However, in all its versions, it promises to protect and respect human life, including Among his quotes in the different versions, they mention:

“I solemnly pledge to consecrate my life to the service of humanity …” “The health and life of the sick will be the first of my concerns …” “I will have absolute respect for human life …” “I will try to prevent disease whenever possible, since prevention is preferable to cure … “

The original oath began with the invocation “I swear it by Apollo the Physician and by Asclepius and by Hygieia and Panacea and by all the gods …”   In Greek mythology, the Rod of Asclepius, sometimes also spelled Asklepios or Asclepius, also Known as the Staff of Aesculapius and the Asklepian, it is a rod entwined by a serpent wielded by the Greek god Asclepius, a deity associated with healing and medicine. The symbol has continued to be used in modern times where it is associated with medicine and medical care, but is often confused with the staff of the god Hermes, the caduceus which contains two serpents. The most famous temple of Asclepius was located in Epidaurus, in the northeast of the Peloponnese. Another famous healing temple (or asclepeion) was on the island of Kos, where it is speculated that Hippocrates, the legendary “father of medicine”, started his career in medicine.

The oath continues to commit the new doctor to commit to passing on his knowledge to future generations without seeking financial returns (teaching them this art without charging them anything, if they wish to learn it).

Perhaps the essential part of the oath is the one that establishes what is the most important rule in medicine, to always act for the benefit of the sick: Whatever comes in, I will go for the benefit of the sick, obtaining me from all voluntary error and corruption., and lascivious with free women or men or slaves.

This Hippocratic oath, in my observation, has become, rather, a hypocritical oath made by newly doctors, ignoring and going against the basic principles of the original medicine, to whom they supposedly pay devotion, homage, reverence and respect.

These are principles that every human being must ignite within if we really want to eradicate the disease from our lives. The human body is the most sophisticated machine on the planet and given the proper conditions, can heal itself completely, there is no incurable disease. Doctors do not heal; it is the body that heals itself. If we create the ideal conditions for the organism to heal, we can let the body do the best that it knows to do: heal, restore and seek balance. Let’s stop acting like gods for doctors by seeking humbleness and let’s come out of the victim role in patients by taking responsibility and let’s allow god act within us all.

Paradigm Shift

It is time to change the current paradigm of health so that we can put a brake on the development of “medicines” and treatments coming from a place of fear of death. Today’s medicine is not producing real medicine. Medicine is something that cures, not that creates dependency or creates a host of side effects, causing additional illnesses. We want to put out a small fire, throwing a mountain of straw, which, for a moment, we stop seeing the fire and think is out, but in its time, it will turn into a big bonfire. Instead of waging war on cancer by creating more toxic therapies, adding radioactive poisons, which in the long term cause more cancers or cellular deformations, it could be invested in feeding the nations, providing live or mineralized water and ensuring food production without harmful toxins and hormones. Rather than make war on the problems we are facing, better invest in solving the roots that are causing it. We continue to confront the problems we have, trying to ease the symptoms and not their origin. This is the second biggest problem that not only modern medicine has, but also many other institutions that are promoting disharmony in humanity.

If we want to eradicate the disease in humanity, we cannot depend on health organizations. This is an issue that each human being must take responsibility for and assume their own physical well-being. As a community, we must develop treatments and real medicine that promotes, strengthens and maintains the well-being of the organism. We must do it out of love. We must generate a spirit of trying to achieve a world free of disease and eradicating the unnecessary suffering caused by illnesses that are easily preventable. Now this may sound like a utopia or something that doesn’t seem possible. But if we analyze it well, living in a healthy humanity should be our right on this earth and not an unattainable dream. Maybe it sounds like a utopia because we are dominated by fear, disease and misery. Rather, we are living a type of hell where disease reigns and the well-being of people is a luxury that only few can obtain. We are reaching a moment where we must take health into our own hands and stop depending on the organizations and institutions that “care” for human well-being. These entities are not doing a good job anyways, and they are not being perceived as defending our right for the common good. These groups of power have been distorted by economic and political interests that, over time, we will be able to reform so that they return to their original roots, of service for the common good and love for the human species.

Stupidity is doing the same thing, and expecting different results. We must take our power back. Let’s move towards a future where disease is not what prevails in our human experience and where health is what rules the lives of human beings who inhabit this earth. This is not something that happens based on a miracle, this happens if each one of us, gets up and claims: Our right to live, to be, to exist and evolve as spiritual beings that we are.

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