Humanidad – Entheogenic Healing Center specializes in providing 1 on 1 custom made retreats and treatments for individuals that are seeking self healing or spiritual development. Our processes are structed in a holistic detoxification focused on purging everything that is no longer serving to open room for something new. We offer the necessary preparation of the body, mind and soul to be ready for the entheogenic sessions as the required space for contemplation and integration.

The retreats range from simple detoxification processes with or without the use of an entheogen of 1 to 3 days to longer retreats of 5 – 12 days. All sessions are private and fully directed to the person that is been served. 

Retreats are only offered to individuals that have a relatively good physical, mental and spiritual health. Otherwise, we recommend one of our treatments.  

The treatments offered at the center range from Psycho Spiritual Development of 1 to 3 months to diagnosed physical chronic diseases and psychological conditions such as depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), addiction to barbiturates or substances that create dependency which entail processes of 3 to 12 months.

The healing process is guided by Guillermo Guillen with more than 10 years of experience with Entheogens and Master Plants, specialized in the proper use of Chlorine Dioxide Solution (CDS) to treat physical conditions that are incurable for western medicine.  

We follow a non-dogmatic discipline and have no religious or philosophical affiliations whatsoever. We provide a holistic and resourceful approach on healing by blending Ayurvedic and Amazonian plant medicine. Our approach to the sacred use of entheogens and proper rituals with master plants is one of utmost respect that abides to the Amazonian safety protocols and regulations. 

Vision / Mission

Humanidad is a calling towards humbleness and service. Through humbleness we can truly understand what is to be a human being and through service we can comprehend how to fulfill our role in this planet.

Our purpose is to reconnect individuals to their hearts and ignite their own self-healing power. We offer a self discovery journey that allows them to lead their lives from the wisdom that resides within their own hearts. 

Our intention is to create a holistic sanctuary that can provide a safe environment for healing and spiritual development. We also aim to develop a research platform for the use of Master Plants for therapeutic purposes and the use of Chlorine Dioxide Solution (CDS) to contribute towards the demystification of chronic diseases.


Life has given us the opportunity to explore the depths of human suffering and rejoice in the bliss of the divine.

The universe in its infinite compassion has guided my journey to go through the darkest places of humanity, helping to embrace my shadow and be blessed with the transformation of my suffering into the wisdom that now I share with others. 

I am eternally grateful to Maestro Sanango, for his patience, guidance, love and compassion. Learning and serving with Sanango for over 7 years was the most rewarding experience of my life. If you are interested in learning shamanism and seeking freedom, reach him at 

The gratefulness is absolute for the opportunity to serve the role of the father of two children. Serving them has taken me into the path to understand and become love. They have proportionate the strength to overcome my own limitations and obstacles that have arise on the path to my own healing. 

The honor of the trust of more than +700 people who allowed to serve their healing process is greatly cherished. The coexistence with all these wonderful people and the comprehension through their healing processes is what mainly has transform my entire life and made me into the human being that I am today. Fulfilling the role of the guide / teacher / mother / father and friend brings all the richness that I treasure in my heart. I am grateful to everyone who seeks their own healing, self-realization and freedom that is contributing for the awakening of humanity. 

Every human being has the possibility to heal themselves and reach the divine. We must get out of the false concepts based on fear that we have accepted as reality or truth and redefine everything that we know from our direct experience with the universe. We must dare to heal ourselves addressing the unknown of the heart and begin to create a life based in our natural state of love. As we are able to transform our suffering into wisdom, we can find the light within ourselves that we are here to share and offer as spiritual beings.

We invite anyone that dares to confront themselves,  to feel in their hearts the calling to their own self healing. If this healing sanctuary resonates with what you are seeking, It would be truly a great honor to assist and serve your process.

Humanidad is a safe heaven

I’ve known Guillermo for 3 years now and I was beyond excited to be back in Guatemala. Humanidad is a safe heaven for those of us who are looking to reconnect with ourselves and nature. Guillermo is the perfect person to guide us through the steps that must be taken to accomplish this. The Humanidad Center is a wonderful place in San Pedro de la Laguna, Lake Atitlan, where you’re… Read More “Humanidad is a safe heaven”

July 21, 2018
Monica Jones

Un abrazo del universo

Llegue a este camino cuando me encontraba en una crisis de pánico, sentí que no estaba viviendo la vida que me merecía y eran tantos mis miedos que me llevaron a buscar una solución profunda y real; puedo decir que llegue con tanto miedo y prejuicios hacia el proceso y con una mente fuera de control que racionalmente nosé como me atreví a intentarlo, ahora se que era Dios guiando… Read More “Un abrazo del universo”

July 13, 2018
Ana Gabriela Paredes Solares

Guiando la vida desde el corazón

Mi experiencia en los procesos que se viven en Humanidad, junto con la guía de Guillermo, han sido unos de los momentos mas especiales e inolvidables en mi vida. Los diferentes procesos de sanación que he realizado me han servido de guía en diferentes situaciones y dificultades  en donde no encontraba una respuesta. Cada uno de los procesos me han ensenado de diferentes maneras el camino correcto y he aprendido… Read More “Guiando la vida desde el corazón”

July 19, 2018
Hector Paredes

Beautiful beyond words

For years I felt the pull towards Ayahuasca, but waited for the right guide. I met Guillermo in 2016 and instantly felt at ease in his company. His way is gentle but direct, unobtrusive but inquisitive, and I am always left answering much bigger questions that what I originally came with. In 2019, I went back to do a 10-day tobacco and ayahuasca diet. This time I really understood the… Read More “Beautiful beyond words”

December 23, 2019

Definitely will come back!

“I have just finished a one month process with Guillermo in the beautiful Lago Atitlan area. I know Guillermo now for 5 years, having done 4 treatments between 2 weeks and 3 months duration every year. This was my 5th time. Every time has been incredible for all experiences and understanding of myself, of life, our conditionings, our own imprisonment, and so much more…. It has been a crucial part… Read More “Definitely will come back!”

February 15, 2018


Two years ago I decided to give a quality shift to my life. I quit my job and started to travel alone through Central America in a journey to discover myself. I was amazed to everything that was happening during that time, but was missing something that I needed to find. It was at the end of my 6th month, before returning my first time to Switzerland when I met… Read More “UNCONDITIONAL LOVE”

October 7, 2019

Changed my life for the better

I experienced an 8 day spiritual cleanse with Guillermo in 2014. Those 8 Days significantly changed my life for the better. I learned to be vulnerable, to trust myself, to step out of fear. What I received on that week’s Journey has stayed with me as I have continued to grow using the lessons that came to me through the isolation process. I will be back to see Guillermo and… Read More “Changed my life for the better”

August 13, 2018

Brought a whole new meaning of life

For the second time I have met with Guillermo, this time a 30 day retreat personalized for me which included a spiritual diet, Kambo sessions, Ayahuasca, tobacco purges and private therapy consultations and more. To sum up my stay, Guillermo has brought a whole new meaning into my life and I have a completely new healthier and sustainable mindset. In my life I have struggled with depression, anxiety, drug abuse… Read More “Brought a whole new meaning of life”

January 10, 2018

Transformational experience

My 5 day retreat with Guillermo has been one of the most beautiful and moving experiences of my life. I met Guillermo and his team on a talk about entheogens and medicinal plants and I immediately felt an amazing trust towards Guillermo’s respect of the healing processes and immense knowledge of the plants. Since years ago, I have been curious about exploring my inner universe through Ayahuasca and I signed… Read More “Transformational experience”

August 23, 2019
Mariel Orellana

Worth returning for an extended process

Guillermo’s intuitive spirit is sensitive, tender, and caring – paired with a subtle but persistent intensity and focus in his heartfelt endeavor to create the space for, and assist in, (re)discovering your own ability to shatter the paradigms you’ve inherited and created. There is a true commitment from this man that embodies the sacredness and respect that this path of plants and self-liberation calls for, yet it is balanced so… Read More “Worth returning for an extended process”

August 19, 2019
Anthony Chetta