Worth returning for an extended process

Guillermo’s intuitive spirit is sensitive, tender, and caring – paired with a subtle but persistent intensity and focus in his heartfelt endeavor to create the space for, and assist in, (re)discovering your own ability to shatter the paradigms you’ve inherited and created. There is a true commitment from this man that embodies the sacredness and respect that this path of plants and self-liberation calls for, yet it is balanced so beautifully with his down-to-Earth and lighthearted nature. One must open their heart to the plants and this process, and Guillermo easily creates the atmosphere of trust and safety for this to occur. The center’s lake setting is an intimate mini-oasis in itself, with plenty of physical comfort to allow one to become aware of any perceived inner discomfort – and come out of it, if they so choose. It was an honor to be guided in this process by Guillermo, my friend and brother, and assisted, with great reverence, by the plants. If the delicious food alone is not worth returning for an extended process, then Guillermo’s hard work, compassion, and earnest desire to assist in the awakening of humanity, is.