Transformational experience

My 5 day retreat with Guillermo has been one of the most beautiful and moving experiences of my life. I met Guillermo and his team on a talk about entheogens and medicinal plants and I immediately felt an amazing trust towards Guillermo’s respect of the healing processes and immense knowledge of the plants. Since years ago, I have been curious about exploring my inner universe through Ayahuasca and I signed up for a 5 day retreat in the beautiful Humanidad Center. However I never thought I should force the experience and somehow knew it would present itself to me. Having grown up in Guatemala, personally I have always had an amazing connection to the magic of Lake Atitlán and after meeting Guillermo and looking up Humanidad, I felt it was exactly the right place, the right Guide and the right time to explore. I had never done a strong entheogen in my life. He sent me instructions to start my dieta as a way to offer a body cleanse before receiving the medicines. I started getting my body in tune two weeks before the retreat happened. Upon my arrival I was a bit scared of the process, however we sat down in the terrace and we talked about my life, fears and he openly answered all my questions regarding the processes I was about to experience. Five days went by in a silent manner, no distractions allowed, only allowing myself to be and enjoying the beautiful lake energy, bathing in its waters; and daily purging with Kambó and Tobacco ceremonies guided by Guillermo, while also following a strict diet before receiving the medicine. The purging process was tough but Guillermo’s gentleness and guidance make it a beautiful experience. However, one really needs a clear mindset, a healing intention and lots of will power to get through it. Each day that passed I felt calmer in a way, but also gained a clear vision of what the final ceremony would be and I knew it was going to be intense. I was excited about my encounter with the plant but at the same time scared of what it would show me about myself and all the things I’ve been sweeping under my rug. Guillermo always listened peacefully and guided me lovingly through each step, noticing when my energy was low and I needed rest. He mixes shamanic knowledge with yogic wisdom and universal spirituality which I truly felt connected to. His team is also formed with amazing loving people that even in silence know how to nurture you. My ceremony with Ayahuasca was truly beautiful, as Guillermo only receives small groups you feel truly supported and taken care of. During the ceremony it was only two of us plus our guide. It was a wonderful voyage into love. Guillermo guided it wisely creating an amazing set and setting, allowing space to journey on your own but at the same time aware of each need you may have through this deep transformational experience. When the ceremony finished, amongst mantras and beautiful awe inspiring music, I went back to my tent and felt such a joyful gift to be alive and be able to wake up to this wonderful lake and feel its vibrant energy all around me. After a good sleep, I woke up to delicious meals with Guillermo and his team, and had enough time to talk and integrate the messages I had received during the ceremony. All in all, my 5 days in Humanidad were truly one of the deepest, most soulful and moving experiences of my whole life. I feel so grateful to have followed my intuition, which led me to Humanidad and Guillermo. I will forever be grateful to him and his team for the time shared. And I will definitely join other retreats in coming months and keep on healing.