Purging: Holistic Preventive Medicine

To really understand the importance about purging, we need to comprehend energy first.

Everything in the universe is made of energy. This is a fact whether we believe it or not, we are affected by this principle or better said, we are this principle. Science finally accepts that the entire universe is made up of energy. This knowledge has been stated thousands of years ago in the ancient Rishis in India. According to Albert Einstein’s formula E=MC2 – energy (E) equals mass (M) times the speed of light (C) squared. In basic words, the equation says that energy and mass are interchangeable; meaning that they are different forms of the same thing. The ancient Rishis saw this phenomenon in a more comprehensive way in their formula AUM. In this formula ´A´ stands for all the forms of energy, the letter ´U´ stand for the conservation of energy and ´M´ stands for the transformation of energy, stating that the universe is a dance of energy.

Quantum physics say that as you go deeper and deeper into the workings of the atom, we find just energy waves. An atom is actually an invisible force field which emits waves of electrical energy. Those energy waves can be measured and their effects seen, but they are not a material reality, they have no substance because they are basically electricity.

Human beings are made up of atoms and this atoms are continuously exchanging light and energy all the time. Every cell in the body has its atoms lined up in such a way that it has a negative and a positive voltage. This is what the Chinese call ‘chi’ or ´Qi´, which is the central underlying principle in their traditional medicine and martial arts. In Japan the energy is called Ki and it’s from this word that Reiki is named. Indian yoga adepts call it Prana and is used for charting the course of energy through the body. This energy or life force is known as “Mana” in Polynesia, “Ruach” in Hebrew and “Baraka” in Islamic Countries.

Understanding this fact from the heart can give us a different perception that can revolutionize completely our approach to life. It can give us the light we have being seeking to put an end to the unnecessary suffering we are perpetuating to all life in the world and evolve to a conscious civilized species in the universe.

Everything in the universe is made of energy and so are we. In other words, we are made of the same substance. The universe Is like an ocean and each of us drops of water that are part of the whole. We experience our true nature when we are in the present moment, in the state of love or compassion; experiencing ourselves as the drop and the ocean at the same time. The reason why we are still causing damage to others and ourselves, is mainly because we have not understood in the heart this fundamental truth. This is why we still seek peace through war and we let the suffering of humanity to increase by allowing other human beings to struggle below survival needs. We are not consciously living as a single organism in the planet trying to evolve and thrive as a species. The idea of cultures, nations and families keep the human species divided from each other. The idea of separation promotes the sensation that what happens to the other, has no effect in our lives or the world around us.

Our ancient experience confirms at every point that everything is linked together, everything is inseparable.” ― Dalai Lama XIV

Seemingly we are all striving for a happy world by only caring for the ones we love and excluding the rest. We leave everyone else to see for themselves how to survive on their own, a type of law of the jungle attitude, where only the strong survives. This exclusive way of life and idea of separation has brought upon humanity its own fall. If we want to comprehend energy, we need to include the other as part of ourselves, in order to understand in the heart, that we are one. If not, those words are just empty, that we all sing and praise in this new age, but not live accordingly in our daily actions.

Whether we live by it or not, we are all sharing a similar level of conditioning that is inherited by generations through thousands of years and is what we receive/pass from one generation to the other. This information is embedded in the morphogenetic field of the species and we all are affected by it. Seemingly we are not able to break the cycle of doing things the same way that has prevent humanity in the past to evolve at a higher rate and fulfill its true potential.

Some wise people consider this last century, the lost century. The advancements that could make humanity excel and reach a higher level of freedom, are completely shut down or never developed. We don’t want to move out of our comfort zone, even though it brings great suffering into our lives and is causing great damage to the planet.

Humanity does not want to leave the accustom old ways of doing things and transform the status quo. As of today, we are at the edge of the third world war and we still go to big stadiums to find a reason to live, just that instead of seeing gladiators getting killed, now we see athletes competing against each other. We still have kings, queens, castles. There is still the pope, the idea of the savior, the prophet and messiah. We still believe in fairy tales about God and the globe. So please, let’s not fool ourselves believing that we are more advance now than ever, because we are not. We have only acquired a greater level of comfort, which is not precisely the best for us given the fact that we also have to deal with our huge laziness that we carry in our shoulders from the burden of our ancestors. We need to reach a humble attitude and transparency with ourselves. We need to come into terms that we still live in ignorance and still believing the truth of others. We are getting into the densest part of our illusion and confusion with the integration of technology in our lives and the shallow spirituality of the new age that is greatly enhancing our egos and blindness.

Conditioning Creates Illusion

The conditioning of the mind creates a simulation of reality that prevents us to see what is real. Everything we see is based on the information of what we were told about the thing, but we are not capable of seeing things for what they are in their true essence. So we live our lives through illusions and never get to experience life for what truly is.

All the conditioned information that we have acquired throughout our entire life is precisely the one preventing us to see what is real. It’s the accumulation of ideas about ourselves, gender, family, nation, religion and concepts from others: about love, compassion, success, peace, happiness, is what is keeping most humanity paralyzed in its own evolution, recycling drama and suffering from nations, cultures and family. All this information becomes part of our cells, organs, affecting our entire physical, emotional and subtle body. We are carrying the burden of many past generations of our family tree line, dealing with energies in our lives that were inherited or given as part of our karma. We are no victims, it’s our choice to take responsibility for what we were given to understand its underlying cause and ascend to higher states of consciousness or to pass the baggage to our children and continue the chain of suffering. The main problem is that we are more inclined to just pass it on as we are identifying our lives with it, thinking that we are that and is how our ancestors were before us. We cherish our suffering beyond anything else in life. It gives us a reason to exist and we defend it proudly, feeling proudly that is what makes us who we are.

We have defined life as a conglomeration of dramatic events that we treasure very dearly and cherish every single moment of pain as our reason to exist. We define ourselves through the immense pain that we feel from our suffering. We have come to believe consciously or unconsciously that our suffering is what makes us feel alive.

In addition, we have our entire lives which we were accustomed and conditioned to retain, to conserve, to try to keep things inside, to not express. We are trained to numb our emotions and hide them under a mask that we have created to fit in our cultural structure that serves as a way to receive energy from the acceptance, recognition and admiration of the other. Always covering what we don’t like or accept about ourselves, hiding what we think others can’t see, running away from our fears and denying ourselves to embrace our own shadow. The tendency to accumulate objects is another factor that weights in our lives, from which we get saturated with tons of information and energy that are attached to each object, all with different stories and emotions that we are consciously and most of the times, unconsciously feeling them over and over again. They become emotional triggers to we pass on to our children, recycling past memories so they repeat ourselves and become exactly how we are.

This accumulation of information becomes a huge noise inside ourselves and becomes the fuel of the chattering mind to keep us distracted from feeling who we truly are. Silence becomes foreign to us and we feel scared if in any moment arises. If silence comes, we think we are not doing anything and immediately seek any type of stimulation/distraction to run from what we could feel if we surrender to it.

Enslaved by the Mind

We have an idea that we are free because we can travel almost all over the world, we can have access to all the information that is allowed for us to see in the internet and we can communicate with anyone we are digitally connected from the comfort of our homes. This gives a great sense of power, expansion and a sensation of having no boundaries. They are very much aligned with the characteristics that the western mind considers about freedom. The mind has convinced us that is working in our favor and that knows the absolute. We believe that through the mind, we can understand compassion, love or happiness. We think that the mind is who we are and by identifying ourselves with it, we think we are our thoughts. We praise the accumulation of information as a measure of intelligence and continue hoarding as much as possible to feel we are smarter or wiser. We do what the mind tells us to do and we think we are free.

The mind has disguised itself so good inside ourselves, that we think we are it. The mind thinks and we say “this is me thinking”. If the thought is good, we say “I am good” – if the thought is bad, we say “I am bad” – we begin to judge ourselves according to the random thoughts that the mind throws to us and we begin to classify ourselves as “good” or “bad” and enter even further into the dualism of life, moving from white to black, positive or negative. Both extremes are unbalanced and hence we tend to live an unbalanced life and create an unbalanced world.

The common human being is having a constant inner dialogue or chattering with many parts of itself most of the day. Before the voice inside our heads started talking, we were very happy, authentic and carefree child. After the crazy monkey awaken, there was a commentator inside our heads, observing and criticizing every action. Our behavior could no longer be spontaneous or natural, our mind began to interfere with our genuine spark.

In fact, the inner chattering is completely normal for human beings. Usually, whenever our attention isn’t occupied, a stream of mental associations flows through our minds: mainly unconscious and conscious thoughts about the future and the past, interfering with our capacity to feel the present moment and denying ourselves from the now. Usually psychology calls this mental activity “thinking”, but it’s not. Thinking suggests something active, over which we have conscious control, but almost all of our thinking is involuntarily and mostly random. It just runs through our heads like a horse in steroids without reins, whether we like it or not.

People with schizophrenia are considered to be insane because they hear voices in their heads and usually follow or react to them. This is no different as our so called normal mental healthy standard that we have in our current so called civilization. Some people may even consider this to be a design fault or a malfunctioning of the human mind. It is not, is the consequence of the excess of stimulation that we have bombarded our minds through our current social, cultural and family conditioning. We have created a monster that does not allow us to feel our genuine self anymore and has taken away our right to exist, which can only happen in the present moment, in the now.

However, it’s unrealistic to expect to silence the crazy monkey altogether. It’s such an intrinsic part of our minds in this time of age, that it’s unlikely to disappear fully in this lifetime. What is important for us to learn, is how to observe the mind without reacting to it and accepting the crazy monkey without identifying with it. We should treat our inner dialogue as a kind of physiological process that takes place inside us, but which is not part of our identity. We should stop feeding it with useless information and allow it to flow by, without struggle, not following it, leaving it in the background and without letting determine our moods or state of mind. The important thing to remember here is: Your thoughts are not you. My personal recommendation for this in particularly, is to nurture the capacity to feel, enhancing our hearts, so its becomes as loud or louder than the mind. We need to take refuge in the present moment through our basic senses, conscious breathing, service, meditation and awareness.

Illusion Creates Suffering

When we are borne, we are pure consciousness and we come in our natural state of love. In our first years, we perceive the world through the eyes of our mother and given the current state of the world, most mothers are perceiving the world from a state of fear. This fact makes us feel that is not safe to trust, that is dangerous to be vulnerable and the need of protection begins to be felt very early in our lives, driving us to close our hearts as a survival mechanism. Once we begin creating and identifying ourselves with our persona, our mask or ego, we begin to see and perceive the world through that filter, entering even deeper into the illusion of the mind. Suffering is a result of creating a false identity which we protect and defend throughout life. This creates a division within ourselves from who we truly are and what we think we are, perpetuating an inner battle between our thoughts and emotions. Furthermore, whenever we are reacting due to ignorance, we are projecting ourselves and entering into energies such as anger, greed, infatuation, pride and jealousy. These qualities are what causes mainly suffering in humanity. The human soul, forgetting its true nature, entangles itself with qualities and forms. After been conditioned, we confuse our true self with the form of the body and characteristics of our personality or ego.

The division, separation and lack of capacity to see oneself in the other is what is preventing humanity to be able to reach harmony and peace with itself. The shadow that we all have in denial and project to others, is created by the same fear based conditioning that we received from our religions, culture and family.

Fear stands for “False Evidence Appearing Real”, which states that everything that we are feeling through fear, is false. It can seem very real, but it’s an illusion. So if we began very early perceiving the world through the eyes of our mothers and they were conditioned with a fear based thought methodology, then consequently we are perceiving an illusion from our very early age. We had a very small window from where we were perceiving life how it truly is and very shortly we entered into the illusion of the mind from the ego of our parents and furthermore after of ourselves.

To not extend too much in this subject which could take an entire book to explain. I am going to try to simplify this by saying the obvious. An illusion is a deceit or something that does not seem what is. In our lives, every time we were deceit by someone or something, it brought a level of suffering and pain in our lives. We felt heartbroken, disappointed, cheated and confused by expecting something that was not how it came to be. In short, we can understand very simple, that all illusions bring suffering and pain once we see its true colors.

Breaking the Cycle

To break the cycle of suffering and come out of the illusion of the mind, we need to let go of everything we think we know and redefine all concepts of life through our direct experience with the universe that resides within our hearts. We need to purge and let go all concepts, beliefs and ideas that we have of ourselves and the world. We need to decondition, return to be a blank slate, so we can make room for something real and new to arise.

This particularly is very delicate in the new age era we are currently living in. Everyone seeking a transformation of the self has an awareness that the current belief system is distorted and possibly false, but nevertheless, is the floor in which we stand on, giving us security and comfort. If we remove our current belief system, the tendency is to quickly adopt a new one to bring back our own sense of security and comfort zone. The risk here is to adopt another belief system that is based on the truth of someone “wiser” or worst, creating our own through the emotional wounds of our ego.

For deconditioning, we need to seek a genuine spiritual teacher than can guide us towards our own heart and that can teach us to differentiate between our thoughts/emotions and intuition/inspiration. This is also very delicate as many spiritual gurus are only placing their own belief system into their disciples or students. They are seeking to establish an eternal relationship from where the disciple obeys blindly to the teacher and rarely actually gets to decide or takes action that is coming from themselves and not from the agenda of the guru/teacher.

If we get the blessing to actually find a genuine teacher, we can decondition ourselves from the current belief system and begin to redefine life through our direct experience with the universe. Usually we can do this using consciousness technologies which can be found in the sacred and proper use of master plants, yoga, meditation, breathing techniques and other technologies that can allow to access consciousness and that can grant a space were we can feel ourselves separated from the body and mind. Not all consciousness technologies are for everyone and we should feel the calling in our hearts to explore and integrate them in one’s life. Personally I see all consciousness technologies as healing tools that can be used in different stages of life and we should include as many as we feel fit for us to be able to deal with our own deconditioning, healing, growth, expansion of consciousness and evolution.

Through purging, we are letting go of information, ideas, beliefs and removing energy blockages that are obstructing our vital energy force to raise through our channels or chakras and connect to the source or the universe. We can heal our emotional wounds through having access to the truth that lives within us and like the famous quote says: The truth will set us free.

As deconditioning is happening, the mind has less strings to control our lives and gives room for silence to emerge. Through silence and without interruption of the mind, we can then listen to our true self or the voice of the heart, dissolving our ego and ignorance, as no darkness can exist in the presence of light or illusion in the presence of truth.

Once we are able to hear the voice in our hearts, we can redefine life, the world and the universe through our direct experience by accessing the wisdom that we all possess within. We can rebuild ourselves from scratch and break the chain of suffering that we inherited through generations and offer an opportunity to our children with freedom and truth.

Healing Ourselves

We all have the entire information of the cosmos within. The human body is the greatest machinery of the planet and has tremendous capacities, with things we are barely discovering now and others that we still don’t understand at all. What is for sure, is that the human body possess the capacity to heal and restore itself to its fullest when is provided with the proper conditions to do so. The proper conditions for the body to be in harmony and without disease: is when our mental, physical and emotional body are coherently aligned with each other. The important word here is “coherence”. What makes it coherent, is the information that lives in us. We feel one thing, we think another and we act completely un aligned with our thoughts and emotions. This is the main source of disharmony and unbalance of the human body, creating un ease or ´dis ease´.

Many people in this new age believe that food is the source of most diseases and as much as it has a great impact on our physical body and plays a big role in our health, does not compare at all with the toxic energy that we feed our emotional bodies constantly on a daily basis with our current feared based approach to life.

We consider that is natural to have a certain level of disharmony in ourselves and we think that being human is a connotation of lack of perfection from which we justify our transgressions and lacking’s.

The incoherence that comes from the current conditioned information of the western world has created such improper conditions within, that our bodies manifest those disharmonies creating diseases to makes us aware of what we need to rectify in our way of life. Once we begin to coherently aligned our mental, physical and emotional structure, our bodies come into harmony with the forces of creation. Our self-healing capacity would begin to work at its fullest and we would no longer know disease as we are so commonly experiencing it now.

Purging is Healing

There is a natural instinct of purging in the animal kingdom as a way to seek health or prevent disease from occurring. We can see it clearly with dogs, chewing grass for vomiting when they are feeling sick. Vomiting serves an evolutionary purpose for humans by preventing the ingestion of something harmful, and by expelling noxious substances once ingested, like vomiting excessive amounts of alcohol as an attempt of the body to prevent alcohol poisoning. Vomiting may also be caused by other drugs, such as opiates, or toxins found in some foods and plants.

Morning sickness may have a defensive purpose as discourages pregnant women from eating meat and strong-tasting vegetables which may contain toxins that might harm the fetus in the first weeks of pregnancy.

There is also defensive vomiting that refers to the use of emesis to defend against ingested pathogens or in animals against predators. The use of animal venoms, like with the Phyllomedusa bicolor (Kambó), that induces vomiting, diarrhea and fever altogether to cleanse the body from toxins and energy infestations. As well as the use of snake and scorpion venoms for healing cancer, HIV and other immune deficiencies conditions. All of this venoms enhance our immune system for our body to be able to respond more adequately to foreign invasion and they have a cellular restoration effect that science is still trying to understand. The closest cure for HIV comes from the peptides found in a specific toad, which now science is trying to isolate and replicate for the production of pharmaceutical drugs.

What science is still missing to understand, is that the “ill” sensation that this type of venoms and medicine bring, like vomiting, diarrhea, fever and so forth, play a fundamental part of the healing itself in the metaphysical level and it’s not only the biochemical action that is required.

Ritual and Offering

The act of purging in ancient cultures was considered a pilgrimage towards reaching a level of purification in order to receive the compassion of the divine. This sacred act involved from letting go emotions through holotropic breathing or making long journeys for the physical body to enter into an awaken state, heightening sensitivity and pacifying the mind for reaching silence. In the Amazonian medicine, the use of master plants with emetic and vomitive effects are used to cleanse the emotional and psychical body before a healing ceremony. They serve also to aligned and open the subtle body to increase sensitivity and consciousness. The purge, as its formerly known, serves as an energetic offering in front of the compassion and healing that the person is seeking through a healing ceremony.

There are many plants that can help directly to specific physical, emotional and metaphysical conditions that are directed towards the healing ceremony. The purge is as important as the healing ceremony itself, Is the most fundamental and vital element in a healing process. It setups the necessary structure within ourselves to be able to receive the inspiration and compassion from the divine. Without it, it would be like asking for a miracle without giving anything first. Returning to the subject that everything is energy: purging is the energy value that we are depositing and moving within, to receive the energy of compassion that needs to descend from the universe for our healing to take place. Purging requires sacrifice and surrendering into something bigger than ourselves. It mainly serves to reach a state of humbleness so we can have an opportunity to learn, heal and grow.

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