The space at the Healing Centre is reserved to only treat one participant at any given time in order to provide full support and safety. Participants receive 1 on 1 custom made treatment during their entire staying, allowing to establish a rhythm that is adequate  for each individual. The treatment includes time for contemplation before leaving the Centre and post process follow-up through online consultations to help participants with the integration into daily life.

The healing process begins from the moment participants decide to enroll in the treatment. The decision to heal oneself is the most important element for healing with entheogens and master plants. Through the healing process, participants will have the space to be with themselves and reach a level of silence from where they can connect to their own hearts. 

We seek that participants reach a level of transpersonal consciousness to obtain a higher level of observation of themselves. Being able to observe oneself without identifying with the body or mind allows to move away from the state of suffering and into understanding the experiences of life as only circumstances that were necessary to undergo for the evolution and spiritual growth of each one.

Circumstances in life that bring suffering usually enclose people in a limited world and thus enter into a cycle of self sabotage, clinging to past traumas or painful events to provide a sense of identity. These circumstances possess great knowledge and wisdom for people’s personal and spiritual development once they are able to understand their cause in their life.

The treatment allows participants to awaken their self healing power through the connection that the medicine provides with earth. The process grants a different perspective from where participants can evaluate and define their lives through their own experience and wisdom. The entire process helps participants to direct their path in life in a direction that is more aligned with the longing of their hearts.

Healing Tools Utilized in Treatments

  • Private Healing Ceremonies with entheogens framed in a sacred and psycho-therapeutic context. We use entheogens such as Ayahuasca, San Pedro or Wachuma, Bufo, Iboga, Ibogaine, Psilocybe Cubensis, Amanita Muscaria or Fly Agaric, Yopo or Wilca, Rapé, and Sananga among others.
  • Metaphysical integration of the master plants through isolation diets that can last from 10 to 20 days depending on the circumstances of the participant. Master plants that may be offered include Chiric Sanango, Uchu Sanango, Ajo Sacha, Bobinzana, Clavo Huasca, Chuchuwasi, Lupuna and Tobacco, along with other vision search plants.
  • Physical and energetic purges with master plants including Yawarpanga, Tabacco, Duck Flower, Rosa sisa, Azucena, Spellbreaker root, Oje and Mucura, among others.
  • Vegetarian organic meals made with caring and love 
  • Cellular resetting, energetical and physical cleansing with Kambó and Iboga.
  • Kidney, liver and gallbladder cleanse with diuretics, specific diets and Ayurvedic medicine.
  • Intestinal tract cleansing and cellular restoration with natural supplements.
  • Consciousness Technologies such as Mantras, Icaros, Phytotherapy, Meditation, Hatha Yoga and Tantra.
  • Specific diets designed for physical detoxification accompanied by neurological rehabilitation with natural supplements.
  • Therapeutic harmonization massages (Reflexology, Reiki, Shiatsu and Lymphatic).
  • Saunas and Hot Tub with bath of plants for purification, cleansing and protection.
  • Physical activities like hiking to mountains and volcanoes in the area, swimming at the lake and Kayaking.

Healing context

The healing context we provide at the center is submerged in a beautiful setting surrounded by nature, lakefront property and away as possible from the noise of usual day-to-day life.  We consider it to be important for participants to connect with the natural sounds of earth in a space with plenty of silence and completely disconnected from the world. The center is located in lake Atitlan, we are on the skirts of the San Pedro Volcano 15 minutes away from town. The accommodations offer private bedroom, with full size bed and bathroom with hot shower.

The Master Plants with psychosomatic effects demand strict observance of certain rules for good results: disconnection from electronic devices, diets, sexual abstinence, absence of stimulants or narcotics, adequate sleep rhythms, physical activity, rest and a respectful approach with great humbleness. Entheogens in their entire spectrum are considered entities or portals that allows to reach higher states of comprehension and reach deeper connection to the higher self. It is necessary to grant them with the proper space to connect to the wisdom that exists within and through each one of them.

Cornerstone of Treatment

Our differential understanding of human problems allows us to move away from conventional recipes that only treat the surface or the symptom of the problem. We understand suffering as an opportunity to obtain wisdom through understanding its cause in our lives in order to grow and evolve. The healing process allows participants to heal the root of the problem by comprehending the underlying code of the suffering that is causing disharmony in their lives.

The healing process leads participants to empower themselves through their own self-healing and offers the opportunity to embrace their existence as a human being. We guide participants with heartful compassion to take responsibility for their lives, teaching them new tools that allow them to reinvent or redirect their lives to where the universe is guiding them to fulfill themselves as human beings.

The support we deliver to participants is absolute throughout the whole and post healing process allowing complete personalized attention and a unique design of their treatment.

Disconnection from the World

We free participants from external concerns so that they can direct all their energy towards their own personal healing and self-knowledge. The treatment requires a total disconnection form the world. In therapies longer than 3 months, we allow participants to have contact with the exterior that is consistent with the understanding that they are reaching. The contact with the exterior will serve for integration to the world as participants evolve their own structure to be able to confront life on their own.

Action Plan

We help participants design an action plan according to their aspirations and capabilities that helps towards their personal development. We want participants to build an internal structure where they can apply the knowledge they obtained during their treatment so the comprehension embeds as a way of life. It is necessary that participants are the ones who decide and feel what is right for them so they can continue out of their own willingness to embrace their own structure and plan of life.

Post Treatment

Treatments include online consultations after the healing process is successfully completed. We consider vital that participants have a close follow up and allow us to establish communication to continue collaborating in their development of life. Likewise, participants have direct contact with the staff for advice and further support.

    • Treatments of 1 month – 6 hrs follow up over 3 months
    • Treatments of 3 months – 24 hrs follow up over 6 months
    • Treatments of 6 to 12 months – 48hrs follow up over 12 months

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