The treatment for PTSD usually ranges from 3 to 6 months depending on the severity of the trauma(s). It is very common that the main trauma that led to the person entering the condition of PTSD is also associated with small events in the past linked to sufferings that were creating the perspective or perception in which was brought upon the circumstance that the person lived. Not only is it necessary to get rid of the main trauma, but also to deepen into the life of participants in order to understand the sufferings, mechanisms and dynamics that they had established in life.

We see PTSD as an unconscious reaction to inner wounds of the soul that are stimulated by triggers that are associated directly or indirectly to a traumatic event. The condition of PTSD arises when there has not been a resolution to an event that is unconsciously revisited as its outcome is not fitting the current vision frame of the world.

Any circumstance that brings change can be traumatic depending on the perception of the one that is experiencing the event and so, can stop being traumatic through a change of perception.

The treatment begins with a detoxification process if the participant has been taking “medications” which are usually prescribed for this condition or by taking other drugs that help cope with the symptoms. The detoxification process is carried out during the first month to prepare the organism to take entheogens and master plants so that they have a positive biochemical reaction and safe experience. This period will help participants also to de codify triggers that are linked to the traumatic event.

The entheogens and master plants assigned for the treatment of PTSD are those that can lead the participant towards forgiveness, compassion and love. Trauma leads people to enter a natural instinctive dynamic of guard and flight reaction. These are unconscious reactions from which the person cannot escape and it is necessary to be able to feel the trauma from a much broader perspective that offers the person an opportunity to understand the circumstance from a less personal point of view or identification to the event. The confrontation of the trauma is done gradually so participants understand the reasons why they had to go through those circumstances and are able to begin to digest the event.

Trauma brings with it an opportunity of wisdom that can usually offer participants a type of awakening as they comprehend the origin and cause of those events in their lives.


The treatment is divided into the following 3 phases:

I. Decoding Detox, Mental and Spiritual Preparation

The first phase is carried out through a deep detoxification of the organism given the case of taking medication and is complemented by a reset of the system to initiate the decoding of the activators that are connected to the memories and events associated with the trauma. For this the participant performs therapies with Kambó and Iboga, together cleansing and stimulation of dreams are also carried out by means of purges with master plants that help to cleanse the activators that could be linked to the trauma.

The mental preparation is achieved through private consultations that help the participant to trust and open the events in a safe way to start seeing them from another perspective. Also in this stage the days are structured with relaxation exercises, meditation, yoga, breathing methods and controlled dream cycles that offer lower levels of stress for the participant. This phase is complemented with a specific diet with plants, vitamins, oils and natural supplements that help reduce the hyperactivity of the system.

The spiritual preparation happens through the purges, consultations, therapies and sessions that take place in this phase. It is necessary for participants to open and come out of their protection dynamics so they can begin to trust the healing process. During the first phase, participants will feel the healing benefit that the treatment can offer and may surrender to the healing process. After trust is established, participants allow themselves to confront, proces and let go of the undigested events that are causing trauma and begin to recover inner peace.

II. Change of Perspective, Confrontation and Liberation

III. Integration and Restoration

The last two phases happen simultaneously through the consultations that take place during the process. The stimulation of dreams helps participants to bring to consciousness the main energies that are moving unconsciously and need to be addressed.

The confrontations are made through private consultations, dream interpretation, intake of master plants that help in the opening of the heart and ceremonies directed to comprehend the trauma (s) by means of entheogens such as Ayahuasca, San Pedro, Psilocybin and others that will allow participants to understand the traumatic event from a broader perspective.

The change of perspective towards the event that is creating trauma is essential to be able to get rid of the traumatic value that is creating the PTSD symptoms and begin to digest, process and let go of whatever the ego is attached that needs to fall. It is important to be aware of the opportunity that trauma is bringing into one’s life, is the key for liberation of the mental repetitive cycle that is creating confusion, pain and stress. The healing or liberation takes place when participants are able to comprehend the underlying cause of the events in their lives and the reason they had to experience it.

The work with entheogens and master plants allow a direct communication with the universe and the answers to everything we are needing to understand of any given situation in life.

The integration of the insights that are obtained during the ceremonies are assured with isolation processes together with master plants that will strengthen the will power and internal structure of participants. The process will lead participants to integrate the obtained wisdom which will grant them liberation of the trauma, so it can be transformed into another memory in their life experiences. The restoration phase is very important so participants achieve a state of peace and can  be prepared to confront life with a totally different perspective. There is a need to reinvent oneself through letting go a traumatic experience and this may need a longer period until one feels ready to confront the world.

Usually participants when achieving liberation of trauma are very grateful towards life for having lived such experience. The comprehension that they obtained from the traumatic event, usually takes them to a very profound transformation that allows them to find peace.

3 Months
US $ 15 000 *

* US $ 5800 for each additional month

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