The psycho-spiritual development treatment ranges from 1 to 3 months depending on the depth and transformation that the participant wants to obtain through the healing process with entheogens. Usually the first time this process is done, the isolation period is focused on cleansing and purification with master plants that work in a subtle way and mainly through the dream state. Only participants with previous experience in the center are designated master plants that are highly demanding physically and induce altered states of consciousness.

The complete healing process for psycho-spiritual development is divided into 5 stages:

I. Pre diet

The diet that participants must perform before the beginning of the treatment serves to prepare the organism for taking entheogens and align their intention for their healing process. In the case that the participant is consuming drugs of any kind, it is important that this information is shared with the guide so that they are able to design an adequate cleansing before the beginning of the process at the centre.

7 to 15 days before initiation of treatment:

Avoid all types of meats
Low salt and sugar intake
Avoid dairy and fried foods
Do not use drugs of any kind and alcohol
No sex or masturbation

II. Holistic Purification and Alignment

Upon arrival, participants hand over any communication devices for safe storage at the centre. The treatment begins with a consultation immediately followed by a Tobacco purge. During the preparation phase, dreams are stimulated to bring to the conscious level the internal mechanisms that have the need to be healed and transformed. The physical, mental and energetic cleansing begins after the first purge by means of disconnecting from the world with silence exercises that help participants begin to feel their interior and observe the mind. The diet in this phase is totally vegan and complemented with supplements, diuretics, emetic and gastric purges to prepare for the exercise of total isolation and intake of the designated master plant. The Kambó sessions serve as a frame to open, to deepen and close the healing process. The energy of the Kambó allows participants to open their hearts to enhance feeling and roots them to earth to awaken self-healing capacities. The Kambó by itself is the most powerful vaccine in nature and has the vibrational capacity to unblock our energy channels and reset the cells to their natural state.

The preparation phase serves to determine the master plant and entheogens that will be administered during treatment.

III. Isolation or “dieta” – Vision Quest

The period of isolation can vary between 10 to 15 days depending on the characteristics of each participant and the master plant that has been assigned. During the isolation period the diet is reduced to only brown rice and green plantain or cassava. The diet is directed to purify the blood and keep the participant with the least possible stimulation and interference of information that may come through other food types.

The process of isolation serves to force participants to have an encounter with themselves and integrate the energy of the assigned master plant.

The isolation process helps the participant to understand the differentiation between the mind/emotions and feeling from the heart. A safe space is created where one can observe the functioning of their mind and begin to listen to their inner voice. Particularly in the beginning of the work with master plants in the life of the participant, subtle plants are used that are directed to the cleaning of dependencies, fears and blockages that have originated through the conditioning or life course of each participant. It is important that the participant achieves an understanding of the dynamics of the isolation exercises before carrying out processes with more intense plants that cause altered states of consciousness so that the exercise can be safely completed. Master plants are assigned with effects of altered consciousness only for participants who perform treatments greater than 1 month or who have performed processes in the center in the past year.

IV. Post Diet and Integration

The phase of the post diet ranges between 7 and 10 days. It is a period where the participant enters into the integration of the information obtained during the process of isolation. This phase also serves to ensure within the participant the change of perspective that has been made through the treatment and serves as a way of thanking the master plants for the understanding and healing that they have provided during the treatment.

During this phase there are sessions with entheogens to continue expanding and deepening understanding. The participant continues to obtain revelations and understandings which leads to greater clarity.


V. Closure of Process

The closure of the healing process is based on restoring the organism of the participant through specific diets rich in essential proteins and fatty oils. This phase is complemented with harmonization and protection therapies to close the subtle body in order to return safely to the world and be able to process the stimuli of life as comfortably as possible.

The intention of the final days of the process is to make a moment of celebration for being here on earth and having the opportunity to have consciousness of our own self. We recommend participants to take these days to explore the area and hike a volcano, mountain or just explore the beautiful towns around the lake.

In treatments longer than 1 month: Participants begin the entire exercise all over again with different master plants that are directed to the objectives of the treatment. Usually they are able to obtain greater benefit from the next isolation exercise as they already understood the dynamic of the process and have established a communication with the master plants. Usually some participants need a lot more integration and will need more time to digest and process the experience.

We recommend to take some days of silence and contemplation after the treatment before entering back into daily life.

1 Month 3 Months
US $ 5 800 * US $ 15 000

*US $ 5 800 per additional month

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