Healing depression with entheogens and master plants gives participants the opportunity to experience different states of the soul that can grant them a change of perspective of the circumstances and events that they are having trouble processing, accepting and letting go of. Through this change of perspective and exploring different states of consciousness, participants can see the bigger picture of their lives. The entheogen can offer a wider view of the reasons and opportunities for growth and self development in the circumstances and events that were hitherto creating paralysis to continue with life.

The state of depression usually disconnects the capacity to feel oneself and submerges the being into the mind. The experience with entheogens allows the person to come out of the repetitive thought patterns and grants an encounter with their True Self. Through this encounter participants are able to accept themselves with all the positive and negative aspects of life.

The treatment offers the opportunity to come out of the limited gray world created by the mind and experience the vastness of the universe that we are all part of as eternal beings. Through these experiences participants can feel the connectedness that we share as humanity and begin to feel compassion not only for themselves, but for the entire world.

The treatment allows participants to learn new dynamics to produce their own energy and learn how to manage their emotions in a healthy way. The experience with entheogens offers the possibility to feel true love and liberates oneself from the need to seek it from others. For example, San Pedro is a great teacher of the state of love – usually participants are able to connect with the energy of love and are able to become love for their first time in their lives.

The energy of love is our natural essence as human beings. It’s something that we already are and entheogens
can help us remember that we have forgotten.

The treatment for depression ranges from 3 to 6 months depending on the severity of each case. The healing process is designed in three main stages:

I. Detox and Decoding

The first stage is specifically directed to the complete detoxification of the organism and the decodification of concepts that allows the participant to understand the origin of their suffering that is creating the state of depression. In the case that there was previous usage of antidepressants, it is necessary to let go of the emotional baggage before commencing the direct experience with entheogens. Likewise, the physical body has to be cleansed of antidepressants due to the danger of combining them with entheogens as this can cause over stimulation of dopamine receptors in the body. This over stimulation can lead the participant to have very serious episodes of paranoia and in some cases, cause permanent damage to the psyche.

It is extremely important to clean the body of any trace of antidepressants to have a safe experience with entheogens.

The detoxification and decoding stage is designed so that participants can begin to feel their emotions, digest, process and let go of burdens of the past. It serves to align the energy channels and remove energetic blockages and infestations. In addition, the detox process is complemented with Kambó sessions that serve to uplift the negative energy of the past and bring the heart’s vibration into harmony with earth.

We seek that participants have a deep preparation, purification and alignment before the intake of entheogens in order to obtain more healing, clarity and depth. The purges serve also as an offering in front of the compassion and healing of the universe. A deep preparation gives great strength to one’s process and serves as a noble sacrifice in front of the healing that one will receive.

This stage determines with certainty the required length of the process since it gives a complete picture of the wounds needed to heal the root that gave rise to the state of depression.

II. States of the Soul & Emotional Management

The second stage involves exploring the interior of participants, where they will have to confront themselves and learn to flow with their emotions. In this stage, participants learn emotional management and breathing techniques as tools for their comprehension in order to cope with life. The dieta or isolation period is accompanied by the intake of master plants that work in a subtle aspect which helps participants to stop identifying with the mind and to feel themselves apart from their emotions. Through the entheogens participants are able to explore different states of the soul and the depth of their true self. The space of the self allows the person to reach compassion, which in turn grants them the opportunity to heal the wounds that are causing pain and have plunged the being into states of sadness and hopelessness.

Exploring different states of the soul and learning emotional management techniques through the process of isolation are crucial to empower the participant in their own healing. This stage gives them the necessary tools to be able to feel themselves with the ability to flow with their emotions, seeing them as an opportunity for comprehension and understand their own capacity to connect/disconnect different states of being.

III. Integration & Restoration

The third stage is designed for participants to integrate the understanding obtained through their treatment, particularly in the confrontations with their own selves and the interrelationships that happened inside the center with the others. This integration serves to solidify the new emotional structure and fully empowers participants to flow with the evolution of life.

The restoration of the being is a process that starts from the beginning of the treatment and concludes in this final stage. The entire treatment is designed to restore the whole being through a complete physical, mental and energetic reset. The restoration process concludes by strengthening the participants’ will power and is guided to find the necessary forces within themselves to confront the world by following the heart with a totally different perspective of life. At the end of this stage, participants are no longer identifying with their emotions, but are able to flow and learn through them. Usually participants are able to identify themselves apart from the mind and are able to feel and trust their hearts to lead their path in life.

At the end of the treatment, participants usually feel that it is the first time they are alive and are eager to start living with all their capacities and wisdom.

3 Months
US $ 15,000 *

* US $5800 for each additional month

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