Definitely will come back!

“I have just finished a one month process with Guillermo in the beautiful Lago Atitlan area. I know Guillermo now for 5 years, having done 4 treatments between 2 weeks and 3 months duration every year. This was my 5th time. Every time has been incredible for all experiences and understanding of myself, of life, our conditionings, our own imprisonment, and so much more…. It has been a crucial part of my healing journey, I am so very thankful for.

This last time included a 13-days diet and several purges and sessions. I really enjoyed the dieta in a big tent on top of the roof of the house. Having been able to stay for the post-diet as well has been very beneficial and relaxing. It was simply wonderful having much time for integration. It gave me many opportunities to see more clearly and become conscious about myself, what I am doing. The process is certainly not wellness or always sunshine but deeply rewarding. Guillermo took very well care of my well-being and is very considerate. And a good cook J. The sessions were always amazing, exceptional journeys. Guillermo’s warm, loving nature, his understanding and compassion always make me feel absolutely safe. I can trust him completely as we have also been through some rough times together before.

I also thoroughly enjoyed our talks and laughter’s. Thank you so much for all your incessant (or tireless?) service and your love.

I have read many really good insightful books, attended seminars, listened to webinars, …. But the real understanding – not the understanding of the mind, or with logic – but with the heart, the AHA-moment’s and much clarity come for me through these processes, the master plants, the sessions, the purgas, all this time just being with myself, when I stop to run. Lots of, wow, now I see – moments. I am absolutely grateful for these opportunities to the master plants and to Guillermo.

I fully recommend Guillermo for treatments and healing processes. I will come back for sure.”