Brought a whole new meaning of life

For the second time I have met with Guillermo, this time a 30 day retreat personalized for me which included a spiritual diet, Kambo sessions, Ayahuasca, tobacco purges and private therapy consultations and more. To sum up my stay, Guillermo has brought a whole new meaning into my life and I have a completely new healthier and sustainable mindset. In my life I have struggled with depression, anxiety, drug abuse and dependency of others in terms of validation or energy. During my adult life I have met with many therapists, psychiatrists and doctors for my depression and no one has come near the depth of quality guidance that Guillermo has provided. Due to fear of relationships and being abandoned I had completely shut my heart and through the healing process with  Guillermos been opened and I feel his work created a miracle and in a very short time preparing me to go back to my regular life. He also helped me remove physical pains through the Kambo sessions and making me realize and seeing my current behaviour and structure in life objectively in a way that no one has ever made me see before – and it is all so clear! A realization which now allows me to work on removing that behaviour that impacted me negatively which will allow me to get closer to freedom. I am beyond grateful to have met Guillermo and it is hard to put in words the gratitude I feel and I could never imagine my stay could have such impact and I have already started to plan my next visit to work on other aspects. His humor has brought me much laughter and his honesty and openess about his own path and learnings allowed us to have deep conversations that truly enriched my knowledge about humanity. Guillermo´s communication and way of connecting is a gift for mankind. I believe he is made out of gold and is my true inspiration in life and I wish that everyone who needs help or guidance could have the opportunity to meet him.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!