Beautiful beyond words

For years I felt the pull towards Ayahuasca, but waited for the right guide. I met Guillermo in 2016 and instantly felt at ease in his company. His way is gentle but direct, unobtrusive but inquisitive, and I am always left answering much bigger questions that what I originally came with. In 2019, I went back to do a 10-day tobacco and ayahuasca diet. This time I really understood the importance of purging. To get out of a cycle of suffering, I had to expel the part of me that was allowing it to happen. Although every process is deeply personal, working with someone who has such a deep understanding of the human condition, has been incredibly helpful in seeing the causes of my own afflictions. I live a fuller and more conscious life because of the little time we have spent together and I am immensely grateful to Guillermo for his service to me and so many others. I look forward to coming back, again and again.