Two years ago I decided to give a quality shift to my life. I quit my job and started to travel alone through Central America in a journey to discover myself. I was amazed to everything that was happening during that time, but was missing something that I needed to find. It was at the end of my 6th month, before returning my first time to Switzerland when I met Guillermo and the incredible world of Entheogens. At the beginning I thought it was a coincidence have met him, but now I fully understand that was a karmic encounter and a manifestation created by my own self. Even though at that time, I had already done the big step of leaving everything and starting the journey to find myself, unconsciously I was looking for a big leap to not get lost in my previous life in Switzerland. Guillermo appeared in my life with all his love, humbleness, sensitivity and wisdom to speed up my leap into the unconditional love of this wonderful big dream of life. After a short, but wonderful stay at the Humanidad Healing Center with 3 Kambó purges and one session with the San Pedro cactus, I went back to Switzerland to resolve things that I had left pending. Although the San Pedro session was super intense, I felt a burning desire to continue learning, therefore decided to further explore this opportunity and return to the paradisiacal Humanidad Center to undertake a 10 month journey to heal and discover my true self.

After 10 months, Well… what to say: it was and continues to be the most unique and spectacular experience of my life, one that I was not able to imagine that existed. After the first 3 months of exclusive focusing on my own healing, I felt a strong desire/need to help Guillermo in assisting the healing processes and transformations of people who were arriving to the center. Guillermo assessed that I was ready to serve others and therefore granted me the stupendous opportunity to assist with the treatments. I will never cease to thank Guillermo for the honor and trust placed in me. As I will never stop thanking all the people who went through the Center and shared our journey together. Serving others has given me the opportunity to understand the energy of the unconditional motherly love. With all my heart, I thank all of you!

At the Center Humanidad I have become aware of the reasons of everything that has happened in my past and was able to leave those experiences behind with gratitude. These experiences, consciously or unconsciously, have led me to embark on my own spiritual path and have made me the person that I am now. I will be forever grateful for all of them. In all these months, I have learnt and become aware of so many things that have change my entire perception about myself, the world, the universe and God. I thank the universe for have led me to meet Guillermo. He is a spectacular Being of Light who never stops sharing his sparkle and who brings others to the awareness of their own capacity, and as such, teaches how to cultivate and spread their own. Taking a path with Guillermo leads to become more Human, in the good sense of the word, exalts the greatness of being human, giving voice to your heart and to your original divine nature.

The healing process at the Center Humanidad is a serious purging journey, where one is able to leave behind and peel all the ideas of oneself that modern society is forging. The isolation process allows such an encounter with the mind and self, that one begins to realize why western society lives completely conditioned, perpetually in fear. In these months, I have experienced and understood that fear is always based on the past memory or imaginative future, only fruits of the mind, non-existential in the present. I experienced how reality is subject to perception and was able to perceive life through many different states of consciousness that allowed me to understand things in many ways that are impossible to put in words.

Through this experience, I was able to understand the difference from experiencing life through the mind and life through the heart. The love I have experienced through this journey with Guillermo is not the same love I knew before arriving to the center, is a different love, it is the unconditional love borne from the heart, is an energy that blossoms within and one becomes. Becoming love does not need from others or new conditions to survive, but lives with its own light. If you learn to become love, nothing scares you, including death. With the patience, kindness, wisdom and compassion of Guillermo, I  learned to observe my fears without identifying myself with them and  to return to myself every time I get lost in the swirling labyrinth of the mind. I have learned to take more charge of my emotional instability by letting go of emotions created by the mind and nurturing the capacity to transform any experience into a pleasant one. Those lessons are a few of the many gifts I have been able to learn under the guidance of Guillermo, mother Ayahuasca, San Pedro, Amanita, Ajo Sacha, Tobacco, Yawar panga, Kambó and the many angles that have come during my time at the Center Humanidad.

After doing such a long process, the idea of ​​returning to Switzerland scared me a little bit, as obviously the mind was imagining the most terrible scenarios. But now that I am back in Lugano, I have the great opportunity to apply everything I have learned and discovered about myself. I am immensely grateful for the new perception of life that is allowing me to really see my own for the first time. Despite the intensity that occurs every day in the western world, instead of letting myself be invaded by it; I continue learning to detach, by observing, without identifying myself. Instead of focusing only on what the mind presents to me, I broaden my view on a large scale with all the gratitude and compassion coming from the heart.

I fully advise this great path with Guillermo and the heavenly Humanidad Center to everyone that it’s ready to undertaken an amazing meaningful transformation. My suggestion is to be open to awe and wonder, never stop to trust in yourself and in the universe for what it’s going to bring in your life: Be ready to recover the magic of life! I opened myself incredibly with Guillermo through my process and I’m still doing. It is the first time in my life that I allow myself, to be myself, with me and also with other people. Guillermo has changed my perception and vision of the world, he gave me a gift of a feeling incredibly crazy and powerful: I feel peace and love with myself, feelings I thought I could never live and be. I have so much gratitude and unconditional love for Guillermo, for having shared this great opportunity with all those I met in these past 10 months. I hope to return soon and continue my own transformation towards the realization of my true self. 

To conclude my testimonial, I quote the poem “The Promise of a Shaman” of Yogesh Kumar, which perfectly reflects my incredible transformative journey that took place only thanks to Guillermo and the divinity that lives within each of us.

With all the pureness of my heart,
I love