1 Month Plant Dieta

Hello dear reader 🙂 here comes my 1-month personal experience and what might be similar for you if you decide to do the same. First what I want to share is… if you want to change something in your life or badly want to let go something that you know it is not good for you, this is one of the best places in the world where you can go. This place offers a different perspective of life in a new light, with clarity, tranquility, solitude and exploring your deepest self. During the treatment my thoughts changed, what was really important for me came more into my focus and others stepped back. Guillermo the facilitator, Shaman and plant master can give you good guidance and help you how to look at things which pop up and want to look at. Also for numerous health conditions he has a huge knowledge on how to improve your health. For me personal, I see things now much more relaxed, my awareness for masculine and feminine qualities got more sharpened and also to accept these qualities in myself. I got a lot of relationship advice’s xD so much needed and realized of the possibility of what I can do with my life. So all in all it was very valuable, it was a big physical challenge, feeling nauseous for a long time from the main plant and a lot of purges which was new for me, but at the same time feeling more clean and proud that I was able to do it 🙂 I remember that one time Guillermo said something like, first you offer, you give and then it comes back to you 🙂 I would say yes! that’s true, although there might exist more gentle ways. Regardless, I can say that this treatment works and when its finished, the things which comes back into your life through the phone, people, places will have a distance from your true self from where you can realize if they are something you want to keep in your life o not. In short, you can feel life better. Namaste Samuel

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