Author: Guillermo Guillén

The Paradigm Shift in Modern Medicine

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The current health paradigm is a conception that provides an explanation to the processes of health and disease. Paradigms, which are culturally conditioned, establish what is normal as knowledge as long as they are consistent with the current paradigm. The education of new generations is sustained on the same paradigm and the society is organized with its principles. This grants the current model of health, the dominant validity of almost absolute acceptance in the community or society, as well as in its practitioners. This does not mean that the paradigm is correct, it only means that it is what is widely believed to be true, therefore, we believe that it is the absolute truth. Any concept, idea or technology that intervenes, intercepts or contradicts the current paradigm, is ridiculed, attacked and considered false or a conspiracy. Something we can learn from history is that we have been changing ways of seeing things as the development of new technologies or discoveries… Read more »

Purging: Holistic Preventive Medicine

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To really understand the importance about purging, we need to comprehend energy first. Everything in the universe is made of energy. This is a fact whether we believe it or not, we are affected by this principle or better said, we are this principle. Science finally accepts that the entire universe is made up of energy. This knowledge has been stated thousands of years ago in the ancient Rishis in India. According to Albert Einstein’s formula E=MC2 – energy (E) equals mass (M) times the speed of light (C) squared. In basic words, the equation says that energy and mass are interchangeable; meaning that they are different forms of the same thing. The ancient Rishis saw this phenomenon in a more comprehensive way in their formula AUM. In this formula ´A´ stands for all the forms of energy, the letter ´U´ stand for the conservation of energy and ´M´ stands for the transformation of energy, stating that the universe is… Read more »

12 Key Elements to Consider Before Choosing Where to Heal with Entheogens

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We need to understand how the healing with entheogens happens to know what parameters are needed when considering a place to heal. Healing with entheogens comes when one surrenders to a healing process that allows participants to have an encounter with their higher self and are able to open their universe without judgement. Healing will come as a realization and sometimes not necessarily during ingestion of the entheogen itself. The master plants and entheogens have biochemical compounds that can help manage symptoms and can bring wellbeing as mere ingestion. If the participant is seeking to heal a condition/wound/trauma, they need to have the willingness to delve within to understand the underlying cause and that will bring balance to their life. Healing through entheogens and master plants brings the opportunity of transforming suffering into growth and wisdom if it’s done in a therapeutic/sacred context. There are many places around the world that offer instant spiritual healing retreats, spiritual enlightenment or magical… Read more »